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About Us
For the purpose of producing CABLES due to the rapid developing requirements of the century.
Lapplink was established in 2008 in Jieyang city Guangdong of China. We moved overseas department to Shenzhen in 2015.
Lapplink has started its production under the principle: “high quality and on time production”. 

• To increase the awareness of quality understanding by promoting the staff training at every position. 
• To provide suitable price, quality and term advantages by creating a constructive business environment with subcontractors
• To provide customer satisfaction at the maximum  level. 
• To use our limited sources with minimum waste/ scrap ratio  and by this way  help to protect the environment.  
• To provide sustainability through quality improvement studies. 
• To provide the understanding of our quality policy by  all of our staff and to provide its implementation. 

Main Products: 
1) Electrical copper wires(rigid and flexible); 
2) Communication cables (solid and stranded); 
3) Coaxial cables(RG6,RG59,RG59 with power...); 
4) Control cables with screens, shielding or other features; 
5) Power cables armored or non-armored and with other features; 
6) Telecommunication cables including data cables and telephone cables;

7)  Instrument cables, particularly RUBBER cables; 
8) Fiber optic cable(FTTH,GYTA,GYTS,ADSS,GYTW...)
9) Special cables of Arctic grade, Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant & according to customers' requirements. 

Our advantages: 
More competitive price and excellent quality; 
Experienced Engineering team work, latest technological machinery and new tech available; 
Market-oriented management, OEM, OBM and ODM acceptable.

If you would like to get further information, please directly contact us immediately.